Holy Land Videos


In as many videos and articles as I can get away with I identify the land currently known as Israel and Palestine as the Holy Land. I am not entirely convinced that the land is 'holy' but I am entirely convinced that for peaceful dialogue to emerge between Zionists and Palestinian militants the identification of the land needs to be neutralized.

The less extreme people of this land are quite capable of dialogue without such measures but I do target my work (some may say naively) at the more opinionated folk of this land.

I accept that the emotional trauma associated with letting go of the Palestinian dream for the Palestinians and the Israeli power/sanctuary for the Jewish people is beyond my comprehension and experience.

All languages have their own way of saying The Holy Land.

Inside Itamar March 2011

Finger Pointing to the Earth

Hope in a Slingshot trailer

May 15th Ramallah 2011

Well Known Secrets 2011

Just a thought x

As a global population we are spiritually indebted to the people through whom the present message of this land is delivered (to us all), in our time.