Occupy London Stock Exchange

I lived at the St Paul's Camp Site London for 3.5 months (going back home on the weekends to clean up and edit!) There, I learnt more about our current financial system and its inherent injustice as well as all the holes in my shared 'activist' ideology than I have in 20 years of being an activist (on and off) and of being interested in social justice economics.

This page is divided into two parts.

The top scrolling module contains video produced while I was still at the camp.

The bottom are videos I have made for Occupy after the eviction.

This site contains my favorites but there are more on Occupy LSX London Channel

Occupy London Stock Exchange is Evicted

Occupy London Stock Exchange is Evicted



Occupy London Stock Exchange is evicted from the St.Paul's Cathedral foregrounds.

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Occupy London Stock Exchange Receives High Court Judgement

Judge Lindblom in High Court



The Corporation of the City of London vs Occupy London Stock Exchange judgment is served in the High Court.

The Occupiers prepare for an appeal.

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Photo Still by Rodwey2004

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Ani Di Franco sings Splinters at Occupy London

ani di franco at Occupy

January 12th 2012: Set against imagery depicting the harsh realities of living in tents in the middle of one of busiest cities in the world, Ani Di Franco sings Splinters, entertaining a crowd of Occupiers in the foregrounds of St Paul's Cathedral.

Splinters is a song about the overt comforts we seek in everyday living in our modern societies.

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Occupy London Stock Exhange Appeal Accepted

High Court and Supreme Court London

Upon being served a damning judgement against the occupation of St Paul's Cathedral on the grounds of the human right to protest, Occupy London Stock Exchange appeals to the Supreme Court. Such processes require firstly the acceptance that the grounds of the appeal are valid.

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OLSX What's Next?

Hope in the System - OLSX


The City of London vs Occupy London Stock Exchange trial was awaiting judgement when this piece was made. It aimed to inspire people to get involved in the Occupy movement, utilizing the hit pop song Rolling in the Deep by Adele to give the sense of urgency and desperation that was experienced by the faithful Occupiers.

Photo Still by Rodwey2004

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BBC NEWS - The BBC Is Not Doing Its Job

Video published on Occupy London TV Nov 19, 2013

The call out came from the US for the March Against Mainstream Media.

Occupy London chose to target the BBC who are funded through TV licenses to ensure independent reporting and yet are failing miserably in their duty as the 4th estate in our power structure.

The Bank Of England Says "Occupy Are Right"

In October 2012, one full year after the Occupy The London Stock Exchange had started the Executive Director of Financial Stability at the Bank Of England agreed to be on the panel of an Occupy organized discussion. About 500 people came to her the man declare that Occupy are right in their economic analysis. However the measures he suggested to fix the endemic problems that Occupies highlights in their ethos, fall significantly short of addressing any problems. This video highlights why.

Occupy London Stock Exchange

Many websites have sprouted baring the Occupy name in some form or another.

There is a duality of loyalty Many publications will mention Occupy to garner support but also to show support. I made films for them but I also made these films for me.

I liken the term "Occupy" in political discourse be it grassroots, NGO's, the UN or various parliaments as a good bug. One that does good, represents good in a raw form, in an 'open to interpretation' form. Like the good bugs in our stomachs that eat the bad bugs.

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