Girls just wanna have funds, but funding is hard to find!

Polly Tikkle Productions is available for commissioned and commercial work.

Conferences, theatre, live events and any videos (training,promotion, NGO work) can be recorded, edited and uploaded to a detailed or vague brief.

With over 12 years experience our 'can do' attitude is well developed!



Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


Custom sizes available for your website

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


Your Own Channel

Each event can have its own unique channel.

All videos available immediately after recording on your Ustream Channel

All videos can be uploaded onto You Tube for an extra fee.

£300 a day

Professional video and audio equipment utilized through Ustream provides crystal clear sound and image at these low prices for social change events.

Catch: Every 20 minutes there is 30 seconds of advertising from Ustream.


Your viewers can watch your event on your website or visit the Ustream page, via a link on your website, for more interaction options eg: Your Event's Ustream channel.


A good internet speed in the venue via Ethernet is preferred however Wi-Fi is fine too if the speed is substantial. 10MBs usually provides good viewing, however if 200 conference people are on same channel there may be issues. We tend to discuss specs with the house technicians in advance.

A good view of the speakers within 10 metres, a small table & chair.

A feed from a sound desk if possible.


+44 (0) 7848677804

We are happy to answer any questions.