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August 2014 Blog

What The Fracking Frack Is Wrong With Our Fracking Government And Why The Frack Is It Allowing Fracking For Frack's Sake!


Since the last blog I have continued on my main Occupy London film, stayed involved in the NoTTIP campaign by becoming a member of the co-ordinating team and also the Outreach Group and gone to my first anti-fracking camp out.





Reclaim The Faith




The Reclaim the Power Camp Site



The Reclaim The Power time limited occupation of a field in Blackpool nearby the Rathlin Energy Drilling site was too good an opportunity for some activism against the poisoning of our aquafiers to miss. With a borrrowed tent and totally unsuitable boots I crammed myself in a car with 3 other adult and a baby and 8 hours later we pooped ourselves out of the car.

Reclaim The Power organized 13 direct actions targeting energy giants and weak politicians in camp.

I was truly blown away by this illustration of co operation amongst activists. Just when I was prepared to believe that large scale activism could never work because there will always be some tool blocking bright ideas along come Reclaim the Power. For me this camp was about reclaiming the faith, that activism can be civil, progressive, productive and that it can mobilise a greater population to co-operate with it.



There seems to be no deviation from the consensus decision making model in the Left scene no matter how imbalanced the results of consensus decision making sometimes are. The consensus model of Reclaim the Power was tiered and this is what made it work. By the time the larger population of the camp knew what was going in terms of details of the direct actions proposed, we were alreadly split into groups. I thought this was very clever. I also beleve that it is more likely to have developed into this genius model rather than having been wilfully designed. Whatever it was, it stopped the ability of the random egotists (or Jesus) from stopping the will of the vast majority from being realised.I loved it.

About 400 people attended the camp. In 2013 year 2000 had apparently attended. It had been at the now infamous Balcombe Camp.


I also put together a few articiles for the Occupy London website about my experience.




Here is the video I made of the experience.



The NoTTIP planning meeting on the 2nd August was successful in forming 6 working groups. I joined the Outreach group and we have met twice. There have been two flyering occasions outside quality food stores and our meetings have lead to us learning quite a lot from each other. I am also a member of the NoTTIP co-ordinating team but this has been somewhat on holiday. August just is not a great time of year for work in Europe. I did not know this so clearly as I do now. I believe none of the other working groups have had one meeting. We are all hoping this will change come September. There is a global day of action on October 11th and fingers crossed that working group get it together by then!

The UK Action Day

The NoTTIP Planning Meeting Arcticle


Occupy London

I am still working with Occupy.

In the past few months there have been 2 public assemblies promptly formed by us after the grander Stop The War marches and speeches against Operation Protetctive Edge in Gaza, had concluded.

Both assemblies were successful. It seems quite obvious to us now that we were providing a service for the emotionally charged marchers to voice their opinion. Hearing the daily news of the massacre of the population in Gaza is very hard on many of us.


The action of the London Palestine Action Group who occupied and closed down an arms factory in Staffordshie brought much hope to many of us that if enough members of the public know about the the £7Billion industry of UK arms sales to Israel that it might end. Action such as these help make the public aware!


The following is my work on the OL website in relation to Palestine:

http://occupylondon.org.uk/march-for-gaza-and-public-assembly/ http://occupylondon.org.uk/direct-actions-for-palestine/ http://occupylondon.org.uk/activists-close-down-arms-factory-day-2-occupation-join-them-staffordshire-nearbirmingham/  *press release http://occupylondon.org.uk/latest-on-gaza/ http://occupylondon.org.uk/occupy-public-assembly-for-gaza/

The Democracy Action Working Group are planning to Occupy Parliament Square and I have been asked to help with some videos.

Keep It Lit : A film about Occupy London.

Once having completed my transcribing I have procrastinated moving onto the next phase quite chronically. One could say all the above activities are due to procrastination in fact. I will have more to write about it I am sure next blog. All the transcription is completed. That is quite an achievment, but I know it is barely the beginning!

Till the next blog , may your dreams visit you in your waking hours. x






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