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My independent filmmaking blog below aims to share my trials and tribulations of surviving as an independent filmmaker focused on grassroots movements, activism and systematic alternatives. I do not just film activists, and protests ..  I get involved on different levels in various campaigns and and will share my experience and successes and failures!

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September Blog

The Making of the Occupy London Film continues.....

For 1.5 years now I have been (on&off) producing a feature length documentary about Occupy London's time at St.Pauls. I have transcribed, interviewed, collated, procrastinated, shot B-roll, researched and cried over the enormity of the task. I have lost perspective and found it again, only to re-locate it from one spot to another bunny hopping away with cuts naturally on the beat of generously donated music. Its a trial that is not over and I pray that the judge and jury are not also the executioners. We live in hope, especially now that Jeremy Corbyn has won :)


I want to make once-a-fortnight blogs with 1 minute video-snippets but the only thing that is consistent about me is my inconsistency. Nevertheless I will try to be more than my mere flawed self for this film and the few (mum, x girlfriend, best friend in Australia, personal troll and presumably one or two others) who are awaiting its completion. Selling is not my thing. I know it's hard to tell right?

Occupy London Film snippet-01.

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I am still looking for a good name for the film. Any suggestions will be welcomed! I would like to show how much we all learned about activism despite our varying degrees of experience in activism.

Training videos and steadicam!

In the last three months I have worked full-time as an Audio Visual Technician in a college. I made some training videos for teachers which I have always wanted to make as it amalgamates my desire to learn, so as to teach through video. They are not on line yet but once they are I will put up links.

I got to play with a steadicam! Finally! Being a college and the sort of college it is this Glidecam 4000HD had not been used since when it was purchased three years ago. The technicians on site could not get it to balance. I had some time to kill at work so I proceeded to play with it and I am proud to say that I got it balanced but I could not have done it without this very straight forward video tutorial by Cal Thomson.

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Holding the Steadicam with camera is a killer on the arm. Ouch ouch after 4 minutes or so for little meek me. However I was inspired for a bodgy build body support suit, with full shoulder and hip support.There is an army disposal shop near the college were I work and I was inspired for this bodgy build after trying on a particular army vest. I am convinced that I can make a body support for the Glidecam 4000HD using bits of pipe and this particular army vest which altogether will cost about £50. Stay tuned from my ingenious bodgy build section yet to come.

Earth First

Earth First apparently run an activist festival every year and this year I went. The most interesting things that I learned there were

1)My friend Melanie likes colouring in as much as I do. I might start a trend. Colour your Meditation? .

2) That sticking bits of black tape to one's face...pieces about 7-10cm long.... totally screws up the face-recognition software used by police and the likes of Facebook to identify people on protests. In this video this lady goes much further and what I am saying is not something that I can exactly prove, so maybe using white and black tape might work better.

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I should add that there were many many many workshops that i did not go to but instead chose to tan up. The fields and the sun were irresistable to me coming from the smog and pollution and noise of London and I was seduced into lying in the grass and staring up at the trees al la Blue is the Warmest Colour (only without the love interest lying next to me.... just an adult colouring book)





Campaigns and Crisis that I am tuned to....

The campaigns that have crossed my path in the last few months include:

Plane Stupid, which is almost 10 years old and still going strong. That is extraordinarily long standing for any campaign devoted to the consensus model. I salute them. Check out this fantastically produced video advertising the campaign that demands an immediate stop on all airport expansion proposals. All such expansions lead to an increase in carbon emissions which goes directly against the carbon targets that the UK has signed up to.

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Bike ride to COP21.

Paris Climate Change summit. A friend of mine is riding to the Climate Change Summit in Paris as part of the protest against the talks who all are convinced will lead to more of the same, because of corporate influence in the proceedings.

The Syrian refugee crisis is sobering and surrreal. I can't stop feeling so uselss about their plight.

Calias refugee crisis is another rotten to the core issue. A friend of mine was support in his van for Critical Mass bike riders who rode to Calais to end up donating their bikes to refugees.

Sweetsway I visited this widely dispersed estate with 150 homes all of which (bar 1) have had their original residents officially evicted. There is resistance against the proposed development of this x- militray owned estate which was built for military families but now belongs to Annington Homes and Barnet Homes. This resistance is in the form of a occupation of many of the homes by activists and x-residents and some others. The law-enforcement agency present 24 hours a day is Dorman. Dorman's employees are an initimidating presence who at times have become physically violent with the occupiers.

Wrap Up

Ok folks, I am off to Florence to see two photographer friends of mine get married.


Now there's a topic worth its weight in time. The time that will tell the days from the seconds, the one night stands from the xmas dinners, the months from the hot lemon drink when you are sick. These two friends of mine have walked the long way around the block and they are a great match. :)






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