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My independent filmmaking blog below aims to share my trials and tribulations of surviving as an independent filmmaker focused on grassroots movements, activism and systematic alternatives. I do not just film activists, and protests ..  I get involved on different levels in various campaigns and and will share my experience and successes and failures!

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Independent - Activist Filmmaking 2015-02 Blog

June 2015

I confess its been 3 months since my last blog.

I confess I now have a full time job and I love it, doing audio visual support for events and classes in a prestigious college in the heart of London. Lots of gear to play with :)

I confess that I am re thinking most of my activism, not just because it is convenient to do so but because after three years of being in Occupy London. the Tories got in and I am disillusioned. Hopefully it will pass. I feel a great deal more disdain for the unbearable idiocy of the twats that did not vote, than I do for the small minded Tory voters.

The thing about Stupid, is that it is always too stupid to know its stupid.



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I had the opportunity to try some of my new livestream gear. I livestreamed the memorial for Mike Marqusee who sounded like he was a great guy. Memorials are good for bringing out the best in you! I honestly wich I knew him. Anyways .. I am here to talk about the techical stuff. What I discovered is that You Tube is ferocious when it comes to copyrighted music on its Livestream platform. I have published hundreds of videos with copyrighted music and I get a warning letting me know that I have done so and that no action will be taken. On their livestream platform they delete your WHOLE soundtrack. Here is an example of what they did to the Mike Marqusee Memorial, due to music being played in teh background while the attendees grabbed some food for lunch. Witha You Tube livestream one must maintain the connection at all time because otherwise the link that has been delivered to viewers will no longer be valid.

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As a gesture of good will to Liz Connor , Mike's widow, I placed the video files in a playlist so that she can look at them whenever she liked. It was a shock though to discover that although the livstream was uninterrpted with clear audio, You Tube deleted the audio track from the recording.



I am still hammering away at it. I tried to avoid dividing teh transcribed raw footage into sections that relate to the way teh film is being edited and right now I am in the middle of that. A taster of what I believe will end up in the film is :




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