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My clients have included War on Want, Wellcome Trust, ZoomInTV, Real News, Occupy London, Podemos, PMI, Left Unity, UK Disability Month, Kings College, Royal Society of Medicine.

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Projects already completed include numerous video: journalist pieces, promotion of campaigns, causes and concepts, the recording and editing of events, conferences and meetings, and livestreamed events.

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Inka Stafrace aka Polly Tikkle Productions is directing and producing the Occupy London film.

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Polly Tikkle Productions: Making The Political Palatable.

My independent filmmaking blog below aims to share my trials and tribulations of surviving as an independent filmmaker focused on grassroots movements, activism and systematic alternatives. I do not just film activists, and protests ..  I get involved on different levels in various campaigns and and will share my experience and successes and failures!

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January 2016 Blog

Latest Occupy London Film Snippets:

While I edit a feature documentary about the Occupy London movement I am placing less-than-1-minute video snippets of the work on line to allow people to know that I am mid production and hopefully garner some interest. I am releasing about one a month.

The videos work much better (view wise) on Facebook than they do on You Tube alone. Through this method I have raised a whopping £40 worth of cash which I am using to Boost posts and marketing in general.. despite the fact that I have not completed it.

To be honest its quite enjoyable fiddling with the footage now that it is totally transcribed and sectioned off into topics. Looking for the narrative arc is an ongoing effort and I am not sure I will pull that off. ... no pun intended. We all learnt so much and we were all so encouraged.. that I feel I want to share it. I never intended to make a feture when I stayed atthe camp. It does make a big difference on what you shoot!

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Left A Job Got Another

Sometimes life works out. I am an AV technician at a charity running their conferences using very swish equipment.  For the first time in 16 years I am working with another female technician. Just because she is a girl does not mean we will get along ..... I know.....or that she is smart.. I know... but she is and we do... so life is good 2016.

I honestly cannot describe how refreshing it is to not be the only female in a team. Sing it


Its kinda hard to describe what feels good about it...because I have almost always liked the guys i have worked with..., so its kinda not about them at all..... its about us.. women technicians , women in trade.. its about visibility I think. I like saying.. "I need to get the  senior technician" and then fetching a young woman. Its in general... excellent! Naturally no one bats an eye becasue it is a classy place.. but whenever a technician is referred to in literature and all emails (at work) the assumption that the clients are writing to a relentless



I am not really identifying as an activist at the moment. I feel its important to earn the word by actually doing activism. Once I finish this film I will enjoy getting back into it. My two cents about the latest events is that if TTIP is ratified, government promises and targets on climate change are utterly meaningless.... and both government officials and energy companies know it.




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