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Inka Stafrace's Bio

Polly Tikkle Productions - making the political palatable

Polly Tikkle Productions (2007) has completed one feature documentary, Hope in a Slingshot, that ruffled many feathers at the ABC TV Australia and we intend on making a few more documentaries.

The Occupy London movement was widely yet shallowly reported in the UK but luckily Polly Tikkle Productions was there to provide some depth to it.

Peace Journalism and activist film making go hand in hand as traditional journalism looks more and more like war propaganda (see FOX news) by the day.

Polly Tikkle Productions is available for commissioned and commercial work.

Conferences, theatre, live events and any videos (training,promotion, NGO work) can be recorded, edited and uploaded to a detailed or vague brief. With over 12 years experience our 'can do' attitude is well developed!

Polly Property Videos is an income generator for Polly Tikkle Productions

In many applications Polly Tikkle Productions is a one woman team - Inka Stafrace. If the work requires Inka's team consists of Kes Sternchen, Paul Hanes and a variety of available freelancers.

Peace Journalism, Activist Filmmaking & Systematic Change

inka stafrace

I dedicate my work to all the people who believe in it and who have helped me conduct it namely:

Amber Langrty, Deborah Spronk, Andrea and Magda photography, Ronin Films, Helen Burrows, Joe Peel, Jon Vella Zarb, Susan Wahhab, Craig Nielson, Sharon Laura and Rob Gray.

Most of all I would like to thank my parents, Iris and Frank Stafrace.

A special thank you to Jake Lynch, without whose interest I would not have learned about peace journalism and what a rarity it is.

My time in London has taught me a more about systematic change and the dire need for it, to put people and planet over and above profit.

Inka Stafrace, Founder of Polly Tikkle Productions