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My name is Inka Stafrace and  I graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with an Associate Diploma in Audio Visual Engineering in 1993.  I studied AV to enable the activist movements I was in at the time (squatting, feminism, anti-logging) to present our views, in video form, to the wider public.

I founded Polly Tikkle Productions in 1994 while working with CAT TV a public TV station. It was in a meeting at CAT TV that the name Polly Tikkle was born... a play on the word political - poli-tical...get it :)

In the 90s I earned a living as an AV technician in Melbourne, Sydney and New York City, working in theatre and all sorts of live events from concerts to conferences, while making short films and videos for Public TV in Sydney and New York, 'on the side'. Verana Podack - Main Actress in Snatch it

In 2001 I completed a 14 minute lesbian love triangle comedy called Snatch It while in New York City were I lived for 4 years. Snatch It was screened in many international gay and lesbian film festivals including that of London, Berlin, San Francisco and Sydney to name a few.

2002-2007 I worked at the Performance Space, Sidetrack Theatre and full time at the National Institute of Dramatic Art as a sound, lighting and AV technician.

In 2008 I completed my first feature documentary called Hope in a Slingshot. It was accepted for broadcast by ABC TV Australia and later fully censored by the Head of TV Kim Dalton.   Hope in a Slingshot was fought for in the Senate Estimates by Senator Scott Ludlam for broadcast. It is now in many universities in Australia along with a study guide by ATOM. Watch it Online either here or here!

In 2011 I made an Honorary Associate of the Department of Conflict and Peace Studies in the University of Sydney as a way of helping me in my next film in the Middle East. As independent film makers we are extremely vulnerable and un-affiliated and so it was with gratitude that I accepted this title from Jake Lynch the Director of the department so as to have some link to an institution for credibility.


The Dead Sea - Earth's lowest elevation on landDuring the making of Finger Pointing to The Earth, a still unfinished 2nd project based in Israel-Palestine, I visited London in October 2011. I was captivated by the Occupy London movement. In October 2013 once it became apparent that no feature documentary was being commissioned about Occupy London ...I chose to start working on one myself. In a nut shell I have two large unfinished projects, both unfunded - which is largely why they remain unfinished..  :(



Me at St.Pauls 2012For years I saw my contribution to activism for social change as my video work, which includes numerous short pieces over the years. However in the last few years I have also worked at the organizational level in activism. I am currently a part of the NoTTIP movement and Occupy London. I work extensively on the OL website

I currently make a living as a videographer-filmmaker. Polly Tikkle Productions is available for commissioned and commercial work . :)

Inka Stafrace

Peace Journalism, Activist Filmmaking & Systematic Change

My work would not be possible without the help of my friends and family namely:my parents, Iris and Frank Stafrace; Deborah Spronk, Andrea and Magda photography, Ronin Films, Helen Burrows, Joe Peel, Jon Vella Zarb, Susan Wahhab, Craig Nielson, Sharon Laura and Rob Gray.

A special thank you to Jake Lynch, without whose interest I would not have learned about peace journalism and what a rarity it is.

Inka Stafrace, Founder of Polly Tikkle Productions