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So a bit about me....

I graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with an Associate Diploma in Audio Visual Engineering in 1993.  I studied AV to enable the activist movements I was in at the time (squatting, feminism, anti-logging) to present our views, in video form, to the wider public.

I founded Polly Tikkle Productions in 1994 while working with CAT TV a public TV station. In the 90s I earned a living as an AV technician in Melbourne, Sydney and New York City while making short films and videos for Public TV in Sydney and New York, 'on the side'.Verana Podack - Main Actress in Snatch it

In 2001 I completed a 14 minute lesbian love triangle comedy called Snatch It while in New York City were I lived for 4 years. Snatch It was screened in many international gay and lesbian film festivals including that of London, Berlin, San Francisco and Sydney to name a few.

2002-2007 I worked at the Performance Space, Sidetrack Theatre and full time at the National Institute of Dramatic Art as a sound, lighting and AV technician.

In 2008 I completed my first feature documentary called Hope in a Slingshot. It was accepted for broadcast by ABC TV Australia and later fully censored by the Head of TV Kim Dalton.  Watch it Online either here or here!



The Dead Sea - Earth's lowest elevation on landDuring the making of Finger Pointing to The Earth, a still unfinished 2nd project based in Israel-Palestine, I visited London in October 2011. I was captivated by the Occupy London movement. In October 2013 once it became apparent that no feature documentary was being commissioned I chose to start working on one myself. As yet still uncompleted. Finger Pointing to the Earth is shelved for now.



Me at St.Pauls 2012For years I saw my contribution to activism for social change as my video work, which includes numerous short pieces over the years. However in tha last few years I have also worked at the organizational level in activism. I am currently a part of the NoTTIP movement and Occupy London. I work extensively on the OL website

I currently make a living as a videographer-filmmaker. Polly Tikkle Productions is available for commissioned and commercial work . :)

Inka Stafrace

Peace Journalism, Activist Filmmaking & Systematic Change

My work would not be possible without the help of my friends and family namely:my parents, Iris and Frank Stafrace; Deborah Spronk, Andrea and Magda photography, Ronin Films, Helen Burrows, Joe Peel, Jon Vella Zarb, Susan Wahhab, Craig Nielson, Sharon Laura and Rob Gray.

A special thank you to Jake Lynch, without whose interest I would not have learned about peace journalism and what a rarity it is.

Inka Stafrace, Founder of Polly Tikkle Productions