Hope in a Slingshot

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Australian filmmaker Inka Stafrace journeys through Israeli military incursions in the West Bank to discover for herself some of the human truths behind this devastating issue that holds the world in divide.

Travelling on her own, the filmmaker takes us through the underbelly of Israel’s occupation of Palestine. Her film, often shot at considerable personal risk, creates a remarkable picture of what day-to-day life is like for Palestinians living in the West Bank.

I learnt a great deal about the power of denial in my first trip to Israel-Palestine. Its a powerful place. So much can be learned about how the mass media in the western world works and the extent to which humanity is discarded for the sordid thrill of power over a powerless people. I was welcomed into Palestinian homes and refugee camps and the Palestinian people's belief that I would communicate their experience to the outside world accurately instilled in me a profound obligation to do so.

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Hope in a Slingshot is a hard-hitting documentary about power and control, exploitation and dispossession, injustice and persecution. Through dynamic maps, statistics, interviews (with lawyers, ex-prisoners, Israeli soldiers, wounded teenagers, farmers and settlers) and the personal experiences of the filmmaker, the film demonstrates just what is happening to Palestinians and their human rights as their daily lives and opportunities are increasingly restricted by the actions of Israeli soldiers and civilians. The film also explores the way in which the United Nations and other countries are unable - or unwilling - to halt these incursions.

inka stafrace hope in a slingshotFilmed in 2006 and updated in 2010, Hope in a Slingshot is an eloquent and passionate story that brings a necessary human dimension to a highly politicized crisis.



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James longley iraq in fragmentsJames Longley Academy Award Nominee for Iraq in Fragments

"This documentary is a useful primer for anyone trying to understand the plight of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation in the West bank. The more people who see this film, the better"

jake lynch centre of peace and conflict studiesJAKE LYNCH - Director: Center of Middle East and North African Studies, Macquarie University

".......... it was extremely impressive. ...... You got close to the action and came back with dramatic pictures, and they are sensitively deployed and narrated in the film............. In the multi-layered context you provide, we can indeed differentiate explanation from justification, and, in the current political context, there is no more important distinction........(HOPE IN A SLING SHOT) is therefore a signal contribution to peaceful media representation of this conflict"


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Hope in a Slingshot

"In feature films, the director is God, in documentary films God is the director" - Alfred Hitchcock

"God forgot to pay me" - Inka

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