Mazin Qumsiyeh

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Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh author of Sharing the Land of Canaan: Human Rights and the Israeli/Palestinian Struggle" (English and Spanish) and “Popular Resistance in Palestine: A History of Hope and Empowerment" (Arabic and English, forthcoming in French and Italian) talks with Inka Stafrace.

Among the topics discussed is a comparison of Western media to Arabic media in reference to the reporting of the Israel-Palestinian situation, the ''specialness" of the Holy Land and the obstacles to the increasingly debated option of the one state solution.

This interview was conducted as part of the investigation into the significance of the current situation on the Holy Land for the documentary Finger Pointing to the Earth, which is still a work in progress and in need of funding. It has been placed here in full. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.
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