Mariam Mahmood Ikermawi

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"Everybody is dreaming of the Holy Land.. What do you see?… Are we different creatures?"

Mariam Mahmood Ikermawi, Director of the Jerusalem Centre for Women, has many surprising takes on the conflict she has grown with.

She is strong, opinionated, funny and passionate and I thoroughly enjoyed this interview.

Her conviction for peace is unwavering as is her pride of being a Jerusalem born Palestinian. She talks frankly about her regular dilemmas crossing international borders and being invited to conferences overseas, about the '"silent Palestinian society" and  the heavier burden the women carry in the occupation, and much much more.

"I do not accept it (indigenous) at any, at any cost."

This interview was conducted as part of the investigation into the significance of the current situation on the Holy Land for the documentary Finger Pointing to the Earth, which is still a work in progress and in need of funding. It has been placed here in full. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.
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