Dave Cronin - Author

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Dave Cronin talks with Inka Stafrace about his political observations which led this Irish born gentleman, to author this potent book, Europe's Alliance with Israel - Aiding the Occupation

Dave Cronin draws a connection between Europe's interest in purchasing surveillance equipment and intelligence from Israeli companies and the readiness for the European Commission to turn a blind eye on its commitment to human rights in relation to Israel. Such products are fine tuned and gathered largely using the imprisoned population of Palestinians particularly in Gaza, against their will and also done so by soldiers on the draft pay of 350 shekels a month. The EU is fast tracking its commercial relationship with Israel, a non EU country that enjoys most of the privileges of a member state, without the ethical binders. He speaks of Israeli military companies and their high profile in military magazines and the military industry as forerunners (not proportionally speaking but out right) in weaponry and intelligence gathering design. Inka challenges Dave on how much the Israeli people as opposed to the Israeli elite stand to gain from this status quo.

This interview was conducted as part of the investigation into the significance of the current situation on the Holy Land for the documentary Finger Pointing to the Earth, which is still a work in progress and in need of funding. It has been placed here in full. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.
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