Finger Pointing to the Earth Director's Notes

Finger Pointing to the Earth is a feature documentary project covering an investigation into the existential significance of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Holy Land.

The investigation's starting point was the concept of the unquantifiable and highly debatable 'power' of the land of Israel and Palestine as interviewees were asked to comment on the notion that if this land had a message what in their opinion is that message.

After 1.5 years the investigation is now focusing on the concept of

land ownership and its consequences for us all on a global scale.

Although as a study its raised more questions than answers, I feel that the message of the land is about the rights of land itself as a breathing and living entity.

So simple really and yet so challenging to think of a society where land is not owned, and thus open to all the exploitation indicative of being 'owned' by either private entities, or states, governments or people. Can land be respected under our law as a living and breathing entity with its right to life? What would a society that enshrined such a concept be like to live in?

One could debate that if there is one land that refuses to be owned its the Holy Land.

As the rallies and demonstrations chant "Palestinian Land' in the hope of freeing the Palestinian people from an insidious occupation it seems they are endorsing the very concept that imprisons them - property law and the corruption inherent within its legally endorsed paper trail.

As a documentary maker I have been advised by many that I need to find a 'story' to relate such a concept. That is part of the work to come.


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