Finger Pointing to the Earth

Finger Pointing to the Earth is an investigation into the

existential significance of the Israeli Palestinian situation in the Holy Land.

The current situation, now a stagnant and festering occupation of one people by another is often seen simply as the battle for the ownership and control of one land by two people. Both people have shady paperwork and plausible narratives as to why the land should belong to them.... that is of course if you accept that land should be owned by people at all, and that paperwork should be the defining factor as to who 'owns' the land.

Could the Holy Land that refuses to be 'owned' peacefully and without contest for more than a century at a time, be telling us all something rather profound?

This film asks the residents of the land of Israel and Palestine whether they think that their land is special and whether the situation as it stands has a message embedded within it from which we can all learn.

The bible has many passages promoting the global common custodianship of land.

What would our global economies look like if land speculation and the increased debt associated with housing loans was not a part of our modern lives? Would it be a more just and prosperous society? Would the luxury of more kindness and happiness shared among many, be more possible?

Could our lives become more in tune with nature rather than at such dire odds with it?





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