Finger Pointing to the Earth Feature Documentary - work in progress

Finger Pointing to the Earth started out as an investigation into the existential significance of the Israeli Palestinian conflict in the Holy Land, 2.5 years ago.

The research is currently focused on land ownership and the consequences of such a fundamental concept in our societal structures. The funding option for this work can be found here.

Hope in a Slingshot

Hope in a Slingshot was directed, produced, shot and edited by Inka Stafrace, (founder of Polly Tikkle Productions). It was then distributed by Ronin Films who got it accepted for broadcast by the ABC TV of Australia only to have it censored 2 months before its already scheduled airing.

It can now be found in most university libraries and a few high schools in Australia. and and the national archives all have it on line for viewing in full for free in Australia. For the rest of the world it can be viewed on vimeo. The DVD can be purchased from Ronin Films.

Polly Needs To Eat Too!

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