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Finger Pointing to the Earth is an investigation

into the existential significance of the

Israeli Palestinian conflict in the Holy Land.

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This pocket of land at the far east of the deep blue Mediterranean will be from here on in primarily referred to as the Holy Land because the terms 'Israel' and 'Palestine' are sadly both poisoned beyond recognition by politics and racism. Anyone caught referring to this land as either Israel or Palestine loses a powerful audience of people who are emotionally engaged and whose attention and passion is needed for peace.

Why not call it The Holy Land?

A different name in every language.

It deserves the privilege.



In looking for the existential significance of the situation The Holy Land currently mothers more than the convenient truth is needed. As a passionate activist against the occupation I have discovered some odd truths. None that alter my conviction that the occupation of the Palestinian people exists and must end but some that confront staple beliefs in the activist community against the occupation.

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Example 1.

The YIZTAR settlement in NABLUS-SAMARAI has nominal security security with just a manned gate at the main entrance despite its woeful reputation of being the home of many a violent settler. No fence, no cameras, one security guard. This may not seem like such a discovery but when one considers how much print is written on the sophisticated security measures of all settlements, this discovery adds to the mounting questions - Why do people bother to write such untruths?


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Example 2.

The Israeli military is relentlessly identified by many an esteemed journalist, author, news presenter and politician as the 4th largest (interchangeably) army/military/airforce in the world. They might be but there certainly is a lot of doubt on that. They are the 18th according to expenditure says the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. They are below the 10th largest armies, navies and air forces according to military magazines such as Espirit de Corps a Canadian military magazine. So who started this rumor, what is it based on and who benefits from believing it? If it is based on Israel's nuclear capabilities that nobody can verify say just that. Naomi Klien and Noam Chomsky are amongst the authors who claim this without knowing it.

Naomi Klein


No more examples will be revealed in this article but stay tuned. The film will reveal a few more.

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One of the greatest challenges of Finger Pointing to the Earth is distilling the spiritual from the religious and reflecting that the spiritual affects the political and that neither is autonomous.



The growth of the military industry is a reflection of the depletion of spiritual strength and conviction and love and trust in human kind.

Governments preach little else but fear and only respond to the manifestation of such fear.

The Old Testament Bible will be referenced with poetic and possibly prophetic reference but its phenomenal violence and gratuitous rape of women to further a spiritual message will be addressed as an un-enlightened messenger of the human condition or simply an out of date one.


Is it possible to begin a dialogue about this land without reference to national or religious identity?


The very least we can do for a better world is believe one is possible...surely. No matter how much we pray, how much we fight, how much we protest, how much we write, if we do not believe we are part of the negative, we are part of the energy that promotes ill will throughout the world. It is cowardly not to believe.


Is this land beckoning us to talk about all conflicts with a new language that puts people's freedom to pursue happiness above the might of their governments and the militaries that dubiously protect them?

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Whether the land is inherently powerful or the fact that so many people believe it is 'special' makes it special, the fact remains (in my opinion) that the situation and the way people live with it, deny it, are imprisoned by it, keep on hoping through it, die for it, join military service to support it etc etc is truly extraordinary.beit sahour

The interest this land generates in the world press is circumstantial evidence (if you care to think this way) that Jerusalem will not allow itself to be forgotten. The way it is written about is in most cases an abomination. An immature two sided paradigm with little to no information about the true players of this bloody game. I hope to identify the key players but it is not proving easy. Your help is welcomed. If any of you have money to spare to help of course that would be appreciated too. Independent investigative film making into Israel and Palestine is notoriously unfunded.

What came first the politics or the power?

The Holiness of this land lies partly in the canvas it is, in and of itself, and the picture it presents to the world for those who care enough to look and listen carefully.

As a global population we are spiritually indebted to all the people through whom the message of this land is delivered to us all. Even the bigots!! That is my 2cents. What is yours?

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