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October - September Blog Entry

Occupy Democracy


It never rains it pours.

Where to begin. Well lets start with my film- making. These last two months I have been quite busy and I managed to earn a few crumbs too!
Did you hear about Occupy Democracy? It was an action that had been planned for many months, to conduct a time-limited occupation of Parliament Square to challenge the democracy of the UK. The UK public did not vote for the privatisition of the NHS or fracking in particular and the government is trundelling along with both destructive programs anyway. OD believes that something is amiss in our democracy if such grave matters with such horrendous consequences can go unhindered.

The Occupy Democracy Working Group had some cash to spend on videos to advertise the event and they chose me to spend it on. I think my heart may have shrivelled up and died had they chosen someone else considering all the videos I have made for them/us gratis. For £300 I made these 4 videos including expenses. I say all this not to advertise that I am as cheap as chips but to say that in activism a different set of rules applies. Seeing as none of my fellow activist got paid for their work I chose to honour this cash and make sure I spend it on equipment as that is what marks my contribution to activism as different to that of most others. Mine is expensive and does set me back financially. The items I desperately need are a tripod head and another hard drive and that somewhat swallowed the £300 in one and a half gulps. I know which head I want : Manfrotto MVH502AH Pro Video Head and after some thought I have chosen to go for the HGST 4TB Touro Desk DX3 USB 3.0 Hard Disk Drive (Black). Its a hitachi hard drive voted the best by Backblaze. It the same brand as is used in the three times as expensive G-raid. It is unclear to me whether it is actually the same hard drive inside the Graid 4TB box. if anyone can verify that it would make me feel like a scored big time. Feel free to contact me!


















I placed them on the Occupy London TV channel and as usual I do not get anymore than 4000 views. Anyone out there know how I can increase the spread of my videos I sure would love to know. The infomation on these videos is very important in my opinion and really should be public knowledge.

Occupy Democracy must have scared the powers that be because they fenced off the entire square the full 10 day occupation and today (31st October), 5 days after we left it is still fenced off. The public may think it is our fault but it isn't. IMO it shows the tremendous fear they have of protest, such fear is only fuelled when the parties are guilty. Guilty of the blatant disregard for the suffering from fuel poverty and the general need for services.



European Wide Day of Action Against TTIP


While I was making these video I was also involved in the meetings to organize the 11th October European Day of Action against TTIP.  I was in the London group and it was kinda hard to get it off the ground but in the end we managed. "We" were supposed to be coalition of NGOs but really "we" were Occupy Londoners and World Development movement people and a few concerned individuals. We ended up with the biggest banner ever made and for some reason I fell in love with it. I told my cameras that it was possible to love more than one inanimate object at a time and they gave me the silent treatement in response.

What is TTIP? Well TTIP Is the biggest pain in my arse I have ever had and I cannot wait to get rid of the obligaition I feel to do what I can to tell the public about it. Unfortunately its quite a big job. The mainstream media seem uninterested. It is hard for them to cover given their addiction to the 'hook' of the story. The hook cannot be big enough to catch a whale but has to be big enough to be interesting. TTIP is a gam of whales. It stands for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. It is a free trade agreement being negotiated between the US Department of Trade and the European Commission. The concerns of NGOs and campaigners alike is that the hamonization of regulations will lower European Union standards. We are also scared that privatisation will scavange any remnants of public services and that ISDS will render national governments impotent to pass laws that may protect the envoronment and its citizenrty from the vulturous appetite of the capitalistic market.

For more info visit this page I made for the OL site.

So what can I do??.. Make a banner of course.

Making sure it hung properly off the Westminster Bridge I was reminded of my relative fearlessness of heights when the ledge is sizable


Loving the breeze!



Pretty impressive huh!

For those interested? The lettes are 1.4m high, the material was 2 meters wide in 10 metre strips. We stencilled the letters before painting it on with non glossy paint. x x Cost all up £130.

One full week after that Occupy democracy actually started..... Videos and Info

Till we meet again.. oh ... i joined the National Union of Journalists!

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