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My independent filmmaking blog below aims to share my trials and tribulations of surviving as an independent filmmaker focused on grassroots movements, activism and systematic alternatives. I do not just film activists, and protests ..  I get involved on different levels in various campaigns and and will share my experience and successes and failures!

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October - November Blog Entry

Occupy Democracy

Occupy Democracy (OD) was a direct action planned by the Democracy Action Working Group of Occupy London. The time-limited occupation of Parliament Square, London, to challenge deep seated flaws in the UK democracy was many months in the making. The UK public did not vote for the privatisation of the NHS or fracking and yet the government is trundling along with both destructive programs anyway. Increasingly the circumstantial evidence mounts that the sole motivation of our politicians to make these choices is for the financial kick backs they are receiving. This evidence is clearly stipulated in what Tina Louse a fracktavist from Blackpool says in a video I made for OD (below) and in this excerpt of a Putney Debate that I am currently in the process of videoing for Occupy London TV.

Many more Occupy Democracy Videos can be found on the Occupy London TV You Tube Channel in two sections on the front page. I put together a few of them but not all. Below are the ones I made before the action began. We had a few celebs turn up. Russel Brand, Vivienne Westwood, Ken Loach, numerous authors and academics and a few MPs, one of which got arrested for standing with us; Baroness Jenny Jones of the House of Lords Green Party MP.


















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