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My clients have included War on Want, Wellcome Trust, ZoomInTV, Real News, Occupy London, Podemos, PMI, Left Unity, UK Disability Month, Kings College, Royal Society of Medicine.

£100 - £400 (sliding scale) per day

Projects already completed include numerous video: journalist pieces, promotion of campaigns, causes and concepts, the recording and editing of events, conferences and meetings, and livestreamed events.

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Occupy London Film - Tense at St.Paul's

Inka Stafrace is directing and producing the Tense at St. Paul's

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Polly Tikkle Productions: Making The Political Palatable.

My independent filmmaking blog below aims to share my trials and tribulations of surviving as an independent filmmaker focused on grassroots movements, activism and systematic alternatives. I do not just film activists, and protests ..  I get involved on different levels in various campaigns and and will share my experience and successes and failures!

About Me.

Polly Tikkle Productions Activist Filmmaking OnLine

May 2016


I wil explain the dilemma of the website transfer.

I suggest you read this if you are having trouble sleeping as it is as exciting as watching paint dry, grass grow or trying to understand Google+.

So once upon a time it was 2009. That rhymes but actually it was 2011. I had just returned from my second 4 month stay in Israel-Palestine outstaying my visa and getting royally screwed at the airport for it. They held back my camera for 'security reasons" (is there any other reason) and that shook the hee bee gee bees out of me. They promised, in their professional insincere way, that it would be returned in 24 hours to the Maltese airport where I was heading and 7 days later it arrived.

I still remember the gorgeous Israeli uniformed official who calmy assured me that it would be there in 24 hours max. I, like possibly 75% of the population becomes a lump of stupid around beautiful women with calming voices. Reason dissolves and logic floats away and few things feel better.


The truth is that I had held up the airplane for 30 minutes and there really was nothing I more I could do. Why they did it remains a mystery however it had the immediate affect of putting me off returning in two weeks like I had planned ... and I suspect that is exactly what they wanted.I had never held up a plane before. The flight attendents were particularly comforting and attentive towards me. They knew what I had been through and that I will never fly with El Al again I suppose. It was El Al security that had minced me to a pulp.


So WTF has this got to do with my website? A little.

So I am in Malta with not much to do (the plan was to return to IS-PAL and that was not happening) and I befriended a guy who is a web genius. His email is His real first name with gmail. I was impressed.

"Its time I ditched my old website" I remember thinking because, to summarize it looked like shit and I could not update it.


I was living on an allowance that I allowed myself of £300 a month cautiously withdrawn from a crowd funded moment in my life to enable me to complete a second feature I had embarked on - Finger Pointing To The Earth. So when he offered to help me learn how to make a website and host it for free I leapt at the opportunity.

The one caveat was that he passionately needed to be in total control of all the websites he hosts. He generously taught me Joomla which I will not recommend. He did so because he was kinda grooming me to be an affiliate marketer and Joomla is what he uses. I was into it because I really needed to learn how to generate an income and be an independent film maker at the same time. It was a win win situation until....


I discovered what affiliate marketing entailed and knew that I would rather die than implement what I had learnt through the six week online course I did in the summer of 2011. The man with no name was hoping that I would write articles about how I has used this 'natural' product and that 'natural' product and that I looked ten year younger because of it and that just is not something I can do. Maybe if my life depended on it, or if I had kids to feed I would, (ie no judgement) but it doesn't and I don't so I didn't. I had gotten to know a bit more about websites and I asked Mr @gmail for the cPanel access. It took quite a discussion and I got it.

2 years later I somehow lost it. No longer in Malta I could only email and I could not get a response. He had done me a favour and hoped he would have a freelance employee in return and I just could not be that person. It was/is awkward to ask someone, years after you have not had much to say to them, for more. Its just awkward. Also he is super insanely busy with gaming websites and flying around Europe working.


There is tons of information on this site about the journey of my first feature Hope In A Slingshot which was accepted for broadcast by the ABC in Australia and then shockingly censored by the head of TV himself without consultation from the commissioning editors who had accepted my two year project.

I don't want to bring that information into a new site . It was all quite painful really and I did not realise how deeply it had effected me and yet I would like the information (my story) to stay on line.

Polly Tikkle the name. Some of you may have noticed that it is a play on the word Political..... but many of you particularly in the UK don't. I was told by a friend that it sounded like a kids show and her room mate agreed. Its not like the enterprise ever grew as that was never really my focus.  I am essentially a sole trader videographer and independent film maker who often does audio-visual work for a living.


Also the 4000 or so hits I would get within a month for each of my blogs dwindled to nothing when I moved my domain name from one host - pacwebhosting to Blue host. There were about 4 weeks before it was joined up to my website again. Not having access to the cPanel did not help but I am not sure it was the reason.

So I figured I will make another website, using my name Inka Stafrace..... but I still have a soft spot for Polly Tikkle Productions. I still use the name. I still like it and there is Hope In a Slingshot's story here.









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